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In this section, we show part of the Branding development that is the new identity of the RS brand since 2017. It is the result of a rigorous process of brand creation and expression, the targeting of objectives and important trends in the world of fashion and sports.


We build the DNA of the brand (positioning), its brand promise, we defined its target group, its segmentation and we structured its brand architecture. We designed its verbal and visual identity- logos and visual ecosystem - we created a comprehensive brand manual, in addition to the creativity for its launch campaign, the audiovisual production of commercials for TV and social networks, as well as, handling the digital marketing for its two sub-brands: RS Performance and RS Life Style.

Within the RS brand architecture, the segmentation of its two product sub-brands stands out: RS Performance as a specialist in multisport and RS Life Style, the brand focused on design, fashion and lifestyle, clearly separating the characteristics, use and cost of its products for the consumer.


The visual identity of the brand is integrated through a unique symbol, a strong, avant-garde icon, aerial, balanced and fast, which connects and gives coherence to all the brands and sub-brands, with a verbal, typographical modifier that describes clearly to the target audience and what each of these sub-brands offers for them.


The use of color is used as a resource to enhance the message, attributes and distinction between them. Gray and white is used for the corporate brand, CSR and for the stores, due to its sober, solid, reliable, impartial and neutral character. It is the stable base from which everything new, spacious and positive can emerge.

Black and White is the selection for RS Performance. It is the sign of professionalism, quality and the high level of the brand. Finally, orange and white as the preferred color for RS Life Style because it symbolizes energy, joy, enthusiasm for life and fun; although it is a logo system (active logo) that changes in an orderly manner, allowing the use of any color to connect with the target group that each product seeks to satisfy. This in combination with a typographical variation for the initials RS in each version of this logo.


RS Performance is the sports brand of footwear, textiles, bags and accessories that develops specific products for each sports discipline. It provides you with the tools to be invincible in your sports practice because it designs its products with specialized materials, innovative finishes and assembled with state-of-the-art equipment.


It uses state-of-the-art technology in its products, which makes it an advanced brand that offers functional attributes such as lighter, ergonomic, practical, comfortable and resistant products for practicing sports. RS Performance has no restrictions; It makes you feel free to achieve what you set out to do.

Arte Triptico v2 MAS ENFASIS FONDO-A.jpg
Arte Triptico v2 MAS ENFASIS FONDO-B.jpg
Arte Triptico v2 MAS ENFASIS FONDO-C.jpg

For the launch of the new RS Performance identity, we created a campaign that enhances the attributes of the brand, the human body, its wonders and how RS enhances sports performance.


RS Performance's target audience loves sport. They are people who consider that being in shape and taking care of the body is the most important thing. Likewise, it gives value to the perfection of the body as that unique creation that must be cared for and maintained. Informing and reminding them of these characteristics with scientific data and in a clear manner but through a basically emotional text is, undoubtedly, memorable and differentiating within the category in Venezuela. We bet on that - that the target feels empathy with the way of talking about the brand. 

Prior to the launch of two audiovisual pieces: "Her and Him", we carried out an intriguing campaign (teaser campaign) for the public that most enjoys content on social networks, seeking to create expectation and attract attention with the new identity.

Creativo | Armando Cárdenas

Director | José Ramón Salgado

Director | Alex Salazar

Director de Fotografía | Antonio García 

Asistente de dirección | Daniella Ferreira

Jefe de Producción | Karill Ávila

Productor de Campo | Daniel Leal

Asistente de producción | Jhonayker Rodriguez

Asistente de producción | Yolanda Sánchez

Asistente de producción | Freddy Correa

Dirección de arte | Rosa Helena Arcaya

Ambientador | Xhimena Herrera

Transporte Talento | Anjuber Marrero

Transporte arte | Carlos Bolivar



Utilero | Erick Ceballos

Vestuario | Marianela Ríos

Asistente de vestuario | Giselle Parra

Maquillaje | Frank Puente

Gaffer | Jairo Vargas

Eléctrico 1 | Ramón Vargas

Eléctrico 2 | Gilberto García

Eléctrico 3 | Carlos Daal

Foquista | Jean Garcia

2do. De cámara | Carlos Vásquez

Video Asist | Victoria Tellerias

Media manager | Diego Rojas

Jefe de Máquina | Jesús Nieves

Asistente de Maquina | Denis Nieves

Camión de Luces | Francisco Graterol

Vans de Cámara | Jaimes Muñoz

Plantero | Armando Serrano

Transporte de Máquina | Hely Salas

Seguridad | Héctor Pérez

Seguridad | Oscar Casadiego

Coordinación de extras | Jessica León

Foto fija | Román Buminov

Foto fija | Daniel Hernández

Transporte de catering | Raúl Chirinos

Dirección de post producción | José Ramón Salgado

Edición y post producción | Alex Salazar
Animación y efectos  | Nestor Martínez
Locutor |  Rafael Hernández

Mezcla y post producción de audio | Audio Place

Músico| Jean Sánchez


Principal | Daniela Martin

Principal | Gian Marco

Extra | Carlos Farias

Extra | Aurora Escala

Extra | Carlos Marcano

Extra | Gabriela Rojas

Extra | Fernando Mejias

Extra | Mariana de la Cadena

Extra | Jesus Leopoldo

Extra | Cristy Baquero

Extra | Freddy Hernández

Extra | Ivana Valsint

Extra | Alexander Duque

Extra | Oriana Gonzalez

Extra | Deymer Pacheco

Extra | Sandy Alvarado

Extra | Richard Chacón


RS Life Style is the fashion brand for footwear, bags, textiles and accessories, which creates its collections taking into account each of the personalities and lifestyles of its user groups, seeking to connect with them, through a high quality offer. variety, for every style and for every occasion.


It offers a wide variety of items to satisfy every taste, with the full range to cover all styles, designing coordinated products to achieve a totally trendy look whose pieces complement each other and promoting comfort in all its products, which are developed to provide greater freedom and comfort in daily life.