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Creating an experience at the point of sale is no longer just a creative idea. It is not something aspirational and avant-garde that we can evaluate in the future. It is a necessity, a mandate, if you want to achieve success in the brave world of store sales.


Buying should be a fun time and this means that the transaction as such becomes something really secondary since if the customer is satisfied with the shopping experience and of course with the product, it is certain that he will return and that should be the ambition of a retail brand: create friends, brand loyalty that generates more than a simple sale.


Unlimited Brand's integral team took on the task of standardizing all the experience and the visual and structural characteristics of what a Farmatodo store is, developing the Pharmacy Setting and Signage Guide of the main pharmacy chain in Venezuela. t in an orderly and clear manner through a facilitating configuration.


The essential expression of the concept of this retailer and the standardization of each one of the elements that are part of the stores, its industrial design, graphic design, elements of the verbal and visual identity of the brand, proportions, measurements, materials, specifications of detail and even maintenance recommendations, is what was specified in an easy-to-interpret document to standardize the process of creating new stores, not only for Venezuela, but also for other countries where the challenge of standardizing is even greater. When you expand and make incursions in other countries, you enter a different world, with different styles, personalities and customs. The suppliers of the different elements change and it becomes more complex to fully replicate the entire identity of the brand and all the structural elements.The passage of time and  the experience gained in daily practice allowed the consolidation of a successful point of sale for the prestigious Farmatodo chain.


Given the dynamics of the market which requires to be in constant activity, the Pharmacy Setting and Signage Guide  is a dynamic piece, which can continue to be fed by Farmatodo's own internal team to update it with new inclusions and possible modifications to the already established elements.

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