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At Unlimited Brand, we develop world-class brands with a holistic approach that spans from understanding the business and the expectations of the consumer or end customer to the pragmatic application of the brand promise in a memorable experience, covering all our clients' needs with a 360 branding service. Only by taking care of the essential elements - strategy, design, and implementation - do we provide our business partners with the control and precision necessary to make an impact.

Throughout this process, we walk hand in hand with your team to ensure the sustainability and transcendence of the brand's value, both today and in the future.





At Unlimited Brand, we are passionate about what we do. We are professionals with extensive and rewarding experiences that allows us to frame our solutions in a Branding 360 scheme that covers all aspects of the construction of intelligent and memorable brands.

We understand the needs and challenges that our business partners face that is why we accompany them on the road to empowering their brands, facilitating their decision-making processes to guarantee their business’ achievements.

Our team is united in a single objective: to provide intelligent, interesting and innovative results, with a differentiating approach for each brand that we develop.


At Unlimited, we integrate the process of brand creation and growth, connecting the ultimate promise and its final expression in a simple and attractive way, thus facilitating its understanding and the true emotional connection we seek with people.

We share a summary of our most outstanding projects and recent releases.

The design projects developed by Unlimited Brand for Panama and Costa Rica were carried out hand-in-hand with our strategic partner Phocus Brand and Innovation, who was in charge of the research, strategy and verbal identity.



Below, we share with you a selection of visual identity design projects directed by José Ramón Salgado, in his capacity as design director of the Caracas office of the companies affiliated with Future Brand for the Andean region, Central America and the Caribbean (Brand Spin , Emblem and Brand Vision), between the years of 2003 and 2009.

See more information about these projects...

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