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Having a homogeneous brand identity, which is easily recognizable and, above all, connectable from the point of view of the portfolio by its stakeholders, must be a fundamental objective of the construction of a visual identity.


In the case of Agua Blanca, a Venezuelan company that produces food, mainly rice and its derivatives, Unlimited Brand's integrated product and corporate design team achieved a valuable unification and created a visual identity based on the DNA of the master brand and its portfolio. Developed by independent consultants Beatriz Herrera and Ana Karina Hernández. 


The beginning of the project focused on the heart of the business: managing the visual identity of white rice. We updated the logo at a typographic level and incorporated graphic elements that were already used as complementary graphics in the sales material, with an updated, reordered and cleaner design, defining it as a unifying element within the entire portfolio, thus enhancing the brand promise: “Give your life a twist” used as a slogan inside the packaging and consolidating a message and a strong, positive, cheerful and very distinctive visual style within the category. 


Once the entire product portfolio project was developed, the identity was applied to corporate communications, projecting a clear and unique message to the public.


Finally, the organization's 50th anniversary was made known through all the brand's communications, underpinning Agua Blanca with its experience and trajectory, as a regional brand that seeks to position itself at a national level. 

AB Branding Stationery 1-03.jpg
ABWhite Cotton Bag PSD Mock-up.jpg
AB White box truck C-02.jpg
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