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Unlimited Brand is pleased to bring together the talent and experience of a multidisciplinary team of collaborators who are united by their commitment to listen, create and help materialize what each client and their brand need


José Ramón Salgado

José Ramón has extensive experience in branding and team management  for successful creation and implementation of corporate, retail and product image. He is currently CEO of Unlimited Brand. In addition to his brand identity work in the corporate, retail and product areas, he has also worked in the area of identity and advertising design, handling clients such as PDVSA and Intevep (1990-1996) in his first 15 years of work, Mobil, ExxonMobil, Banco de Venezuela (1989-1991), IBM, Tío Rico and Viasa (ARS), Banco Industrial de Venezuela, Grupo Confinanzas, Banco Provincial, Banco Exterior, RS21 (Modavenca), St. Moritz, Kellogg's, Gillette, Hallmark, Venezolana de Cementos, National Institute of Statistics, 3M, Pernod Ricard, Revlon, Adams (Warner-Lambert), Sanford Faber, Citroën, Pepsi and 7up (Polar), among others. 


In the past, he served as Creative Director and Design Director of the Caracas office of the companies affiliated to FutureBrand for the Andean, Central America and the Caribbean regions (Brandspin, Emblem and Brand Vision) from 2003 to 2009. In addition, he directed various design, standardization and implementation projects for leading brands in Venezuela, Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica, such as Empresas Polar, EFE, PAN, Primor, Toddy, Maltín Polar, Golden, Polar Zero, Solera, Bodegas Pomar, Alimentos Polar (director of the normalization and launch phase), Mercantil (co-director of the design phase and director of the normalization, launch and implementation phase), at Cafam and Punta Cana Resort And Club (as co-director of the design project), Platco, Movilnet, Oscar Mayer, Louis Rich, Yogurt Mi Vaca, California and Nestle Yogurt (Inlaca), Crakeñas (Colombina), Exacta and Xtreme (Schick), Aquamarine (Revlon), DOC Ron de Venezuela, Ovejita, Locatel, Centro Médico Docente la Trinidad, Attenza Duty Free, Bladex, Capital Bank, Bristol and Panamá Pacífico, among others.


Since 2009 and as founder and director of Unlimited Brand, he has developed research projects, brand strategy, visual identity design, launch, ATL - BTL advertising and direction of audiovisual productions for brands such as Farmatodo, RS Performance and RS Life Style ( Modavenca), Tecnoconsult, Dayco Host, Melao, Crema Paraíso, Sanofi Aventis, FF Tech (Óptica Caroní), Agua Blanca, Fractal Studio, Mon Reve (Mercantil Internacional), Brilantty, Pharma Total and Síragon, among others. In parallel, as design director of Unlimited Brand and in alliance with Phocus Brand and Innovation of Panama, he has developed visual identity design and standardization projects for The Panama Canal, Banco Aliado, Canal Bank, Cable Onda, Telecarrier, Vindi Green Market, NexTv, Maxia, RPC Radio, IPAL Infante & Pérez Almillano, Magna Law, Alta Terra, Oasity, Centria, Gold Mills, Toledano, APC-Intelidat, Niko´s, Super Xtra, First & Best and Like (Xtra) , Attenza Duty Free, Nordia Capital, Fasa, Olododo, Cultosa, Envirosep, Cleverest, Panama Geisha, Café Amistad and Café Eleta, among many others.


Claudia Adreani
Strategy direction

For Claudia, everything starts and ends with the client. There is no powerful strategy that does not begin with a deep understanding of the fundamental truths and implicit and profound needs of the audiences that companies want to serve. Claudia is passionate and leaves her soul in what she does. Her work ethic was formed at an early age through her career as a high-level gymnast. Today, her philosophy has evolved from a pure "No pain, no gain" to a "Let's work hard, but have fun in the process."


Claudia has extensive experience as a senior leader and independent consultant with over 20 years of experience in driving excellence by improving processes and capabilities of the teams she has worked with. Her solid strategic focus and passion are centered on the client, consumer, patient, in short, the human being that brands want to satisfy every day. Her main areas of interest as a consultant are the synergy between Brand strategy and marketing strategy and capabilities, expressed through a unique customer experience.


Claudia has worked with clients or cross-functional teams in more than 12 countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia, as well as in different industries throughout her career. As a senior leader or consultant, her work extends to the pharmaceutical, consumer goods, healthcare, retail and hospitality industries.

Claudia worked as a consultant and later as a manager in the Caracas office of the companies affiliated to FutureBrand for the Andean, Central America and the Caribbean regions (Brandspin and Emblem) from 2003 to 2007. She contributed or led various development, redesign, alignment and brand architecture projects for leading brands in Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, such as EFE, PAN, Primor, Cafam, Toddy, Punta Cana Resort and Club, Plumrose, Exacta, Aquamarine, Movilnet, Bladex,Hospital de Clínicas Caracas, Solita, among others.

Claudia began her academic training by obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Social Communication from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas, Venezuela, which she later complemented with a Master's degree in Innovation and Knowledge Management from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and an MBA from London Business School. Claudia has also taken other professional courses in Innovation and Digital Marketing at other institutions such as the University of Cambridge and Google Square. She has also presented at international conferences in the United Kingdom.


José Luis Montenegro
Marketing direction

He has extensive experience in Marketing and Business Management, mainly in the Food, Banking, Advertising and Private Health sectors. Some highlights of his career include 7 years at Nestlé, participating in the strategic conception, creative coordination, execution and dissemination of multiple campaigns and nearly 100 commercials for brands such as Nestea, Zip, Nescao, Quik, Milo, Cerelac, Nestum, Nescafé, Decaf, from the company's dairy and desserts division as well as from the Maggi brand product portfolio, under the slogan “You and Maggi make better meals”. As a Product Specialist, at the age of 24, he presented the successful example of repositioning the "Nestea" brand in the face of its shift from the tea market to that of soft drinks at a marketing seminar in Vevey (Lausanne).

By 1991, the Venezuelan financial sector needed to develop and modernize, but lacked the tools and marketing professionals. José Luis ventured for 12 years assuming the marketing position in 5 leading banks; at the national level and at the International Division, which encompassed an exclusive network of proprietary banks in New York, Miami and Madrid, as well as representative offices in Paris and London. , the first was the Consolidated Bank Group, in which he spent 5 years implementing services and campaigns with successful positioning, achieving a transformation of the financial group both in economic growth, expansion, and in the desired perception of modernization and innovation. The success in the management of this financial group led to it being considered as a case study in various universities, IESA and technical institutes. 

He spent 4 years at Banco de Venezuela leading the transformation of a solemn image, to that of a solid renewed and thriving modernized bank. He worked on the Cuenta Total brands, the first Money Market in the country, the innovative non-traditional banking distribution channels: Autobanks, External Ticket Offices and ATMs, under the name of Puntos Clave, accessible with the Clave card. The retail market was innovated with a new conception of the bank branch, called Total Branch and Private Banking, including all the financial services of the group, (in a single contact of various targets) and "dressed" with modern dynamic merchandising techniques to the image and promotion of services. In the financial sector, he had more satisfactory experiences, such as with "Junior Visa", other innovative deposit-taking products and services (Participations) and credit in financial institutions of the Mendoza Companies (Banco La Guaira group), Del Sur and the Confinanzas group. 

At the beginning of the crisis suffered in banking industry, he spent 2 years as EVP of the parent company of Grupo Ars Publicidad, with brands such as Toyota, IBM, Viasa, (among several). He was a consultant at Globovisión and, following the invitation of some well-known doctors, for another 12-year stretch he ventured into senior management and general management of recognized private clinics such as: La Trinidad Teaching Medical Center, Caracas Medical Center, Sanatrix Clinic and Santa Sofia Clinic. 

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