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Phocus Brand and Innovation, our partner in Panama, developed the brand strategy project and the DNA for the Niko's brand, a 100% Panamanian restaurant chain with a valuable human resource of nearly 800 employees willing to serve their customers, even 24 hours a day in 6 of its 10 restaurants strategically located within the metropolitan area.


Based on the brand's DNA, we developed its logo and visual ecosystem, with the intention of capitalizing on the visual elements already known by the public, with the ellipse as the essential shape and its blue, white and red colors, but enhancing them, with the inclusion of graphic elements that make that proud expression of being a beloved Panamanian brand much more eloquent. The two stars that rotate dynamically around the name, charge it with energy and make it attractive. The sum of the graphics and typography, the latter arranged in an ascending manner (denoting growth) and created especially for this logo, generates a strong, solid identity with a world-class character, placing Niko's identity at the level of the great public favorite franchises.


Subsequently, using the logo (face of the brand) as the genesis of the entire identity, we built the visual ecosystem. Firstly, we defined its complementary graphics in an enveloping way, harmoniously connected with the dynamics of the logo, the selection of fonts, color palette, iconographic style and finally, the definition of its photographic style, among other elements to regulate them in a style guide that regularizes all its communications  so that they can achieve a coherent and unique identity for the public.

Nikos Hanging T-shirt Mockup.jpg
Nikos Snapback Cap PSD MockUp.jpg
Nikos iphone-02.jpg
Nikos Bus Stop Billboard.jpg
Señal Cafe Nikos 226.jpg
Nikos Tarjeta de presentación chica atras.jpg
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